Career Path

Book Publisher — 2004 to Current

After 16 years of owning a design and desk-top publishing business, it was time for the next step. I desired more meaning and fulfillment in my professional life—a way to combine business and pleasure. I had a earnest desire to bring into the world content that could change lives.

As the owner of A Wealth of Wisdom LLC publishing company, I am available for Author Mentoring • Manuscript Editing • Book Layout and Design • Book Publishing • Book Marketing • Website Creation and Maintenance.

Desktop Publisher / Print Broker — 1990 to 2006

After moving to Spokane WA in 1989, I ventured into a Desk-top Publishing/Print Broker career. I created and coordinated all production and printing for clients. Projects included business cards, brochures and flyer’s, pricing guides, color catalogs, and life-style pieces to name just a few. I have experience printing unique one-of-a-kind artwork and graphics in quantities from 1 to 500,000+ copies.

In short, I’m flexible. There was always something new to work on and it was fun to create great working relationships with various clients and vendors.

Early 2004, I moved to Marin County. In June, I traveled back to Spokane WA for my dad’s 80th birthday party. A day or two after the successful celebration, he declared he wanted to write a book and asked me to help. I remember asking myself, “WTH is dad going to write about?” and “Who will read his book?” With great reluctance I agreed. During the next 15 months as we cocreated his book, No Name Montana Boy, he kept telling me, “This is the beginning of something big for you.” Such a wise man.

Administrative Dietitian — 1977 to 1989

My first career was as an Administrative Dietitian after graduation from Loma Linda University in CA. It took me back to the northwest where I worked in Portland OR and Tillamook OR. It was there I fell in love with Tillamook cheese.

Location Transitions

Movin’ South


Skip Barber Racing School, 2001

January 2001 began my travels south with the MacWorld conference in San Francisco. Afterwards I was introduced to Laguna Seca racetrack by a high school classmate. I was in love—with the track, that is! The view from the top of the corkscrew was awesome. Five weeks later found me enrolled in a Skip Barber three-day car racing school. OMG what a blast! Total overall, there were 6-7 trips to California that year to see my granddaughter, to attend several car races, etc.

It was 2003 when I realized I wanted to live somewhere other than Spokane WA. In April I put a deposit on an apartment in Scottsdale AZ, then watched the triple-digit temperature all summer. Ummm? No way I’d ever survive living there. My house sold that fall and I had no idea where I was moving to. Fortunately, it was contingent on the buyers house selling, so it took a few months—OK by me.

Once both house sales were complete, my belongings were in a 24′ U-Haul truck headed to a storage unit in Napa CA. At the time I still had no idea where I’d be living. With Divine guidance I ended up in a railroad flat on “B” Street in Marin County just north of San Francisco. Every time I gave my address, it’d remind me to BE rather than “do.” I truly thought I was where I was meant to live for the rest of my life.

So how did I end up in Paradise?

Desk view 1

View from my desk

I took a trip to Hawai‘i Island in December 2006. It was then that I was called to live here. Life happened, doors opened, and the move was made on September 22, 2007.

It was an interesting transition to move to this big rock in the middle of the pool (ocean to some). There were many a day when I asked, “Who moved me here?” and “How did I get here?” And it’s clear I’m exactly where I’m to be.

The view from my desk is expansive and creative! The birds sing and coo and gossip, butterflies and dragonflys play amongst the flowers, the palm trees gently sway in the breeze, and the geckos with their suction cup feet play on the window sill.

Life in Hawai‘i

  • Editor—Ke Ola Magazine, Sept 2012–Oct 2016
  • President—Calabash Cousins Kona, 2010, 2011
  • Member—Calabash Cousins Kona, 2010–current
  • Secretary—Community Enterprises that presents Kona Town Meetings, 2011, 2012
  • Volunteer—Ironman World Championships, 2009, 2010
  • Member—Kona Mac User Group, 2008-2010



  • Danced Hula for a couple of years
  • Always studying Hawaiian culture and history
  • Learning the Hawaiian language
  • Swim with honu (sea turtles)
  • Connect with the ‘āina (land)


I choose daily—to live a life filled with joy, happiness, miracles, and Divine Appointments.

Mahalo and may you be richly blessed!

Renée, aka The Book Angel