E Komo Mai (Welcome)

  • Author Mentoring
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Book Layout and Design
  • Book Publishing
  • Website Creation and Maintenance

The Vision

A Wealth of Wisdom is a leading content publisher who cocreates with authors. How do you want to publish? Book, ebook, or website? We can help you achieve your goals.

A Wealth of Wisdom provides…

  • Genuine care for you, your book, and your platform
  • A publisher who respects you and wants to help you birth your vision
  • Knowledge of the technical, design, publishing, and marketing aspects of book creation
  • Editorial and content review
  • Experience—Create award winning books (Investment Atlas was awarded 5 in 2009)
  • Cocreation with joy, fun, and laughter
  • Fast results—quick turnaround once the direction is agreed upon
  • A focus on possibilities, choices, solutions, and wins for all concerned


The authors we choose to cocreate with…

  • Have content that matters and will make the world a better place
  • Are fun and joyful
  • Are easy to work with

Will you be next to have your wisdom shared with the world?

If so, please contact us to schedule a conversation about the possibilities.